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Sales of Computer Accessories & Hardware

Looking for Computer/ Printer Accessories and Digital Devices.

Custom Build PC

Build your home or office PC for Higher Quality Parts and Eliminates Bloatware.

Custom Build Gaming PC

Build your favourite Gaming PC based on your games requirements. It's also Cost Efficient and Easier for Upgrades.

Android Apps, Website & System Development

Build your beautiful Responsive Websites inspired by material design. Customize your operation system or upgrade your existing program in order to protect your information in a proper way.

UniFi Home

UniFi is more than just broadband! Keep in touch with your loved ones. Enjoy Live TV or movie with your family with Unifi Fibre Broadband.

UniFi Business

Take your business online to reach new customer. Speed Up works with Unlimited quota and high performance wireless router.


Your #1 choice for Internet TV

  • 4K HDR: Cinematic Visual Experience
  • Android: Install all the apps you want
  • USB 3.0: Fast file transfer
  • Portable: Bring it anywhere, anytime
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